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U.S. Attorney Attends Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 21, 2018 https://www.justice.gov/usao-sd/pr/us-attorney-attends-eighth-circuit-judicial-conference U.S. Attorney Attends Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference Former U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler receives Richard S. Arnold Award for...

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AG candidates open to looking at transparency laws

By Dana Hess For the S.D. Newspaper Association  Aug 20, 2018 SIOUX FALLS — A group of newspaper journalists recently quizzed the attorney general candidates about government transparency issues and found both men open to considering changes to the...

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Nonprofit forms to support Badlands National Park

Seth Tupper Journal staff  Aug 19, 2018 Despite drawing approximately 1 million visitors annually, Badlands National Park has lacked the support that some other popular national parks receive from nonprofit organizations known as “friends groups.” A newly formed...

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Supporting Children’s Miracle Network

Happy to be here in Madison supporting Children’s Miracle Network and all the great work they do. Special thanks to DeLon Mork, the owner of the Madison Dairy Queen, for hosting this special event.  ...

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Seiler Seeks To End Drug Abuse In SD

By Reilly Biel reilly.biel@yankton.net - Jul 20, 2018 https://www.yankton.net/community/article_fbe5a452-8c97-11e8-9bb4-aff94e99cf55.html If there’s one thing Randy Seiler knows, it’s the law. Seiler, a former Deputy United States Attorney for the District of South...

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2 days ago

Randy Seiler

Meet Randy Seiler, South Dakota's next Attorney General. ... See MoreSee Less


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Randy you are very passionate about your work! I cant imagine some of the crimes you had to prosecute. Hope you win!!

Already voted for you.

South Dakota deserves three good legs for Justice to stand. Fair and wise judges, competent and vigorous Defense, and Randy Seiler overseeing honest and diligent Prosecution.

Go Randy!

Cousin Randy Seiler...so proud of you! Your competence, passion to serve, integrity and your big heart are important ingedients that you will bring to the leadership role as South Dakota’s Attorney General!

We need Randy in office.

Great video Randy! Thank you for your years of service and looking forward to you helping everyday South Dakotans as our next Attorney General.

I voted for Randy yesterday!

Randy...I was just thinking about you the other day believe it or not. Do you remember me? Glad to see SD has a great passionate candidate. I hope you Win!

It was so great meeting you! My family and I are more than happy to give you our vote. 🙂

Keep up the fight!

We are certain you will represent SD well and they will benefit from your experience! See you in November to celebrate 🇺🇸

I have your yardsign, you have my vote!


Love this man!!!

Smart committed

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2 days ago

Randy Seiler

Early voting starts today! Be one of the first people to let your voice be heard in this year's election. Let's work together to bring experience to the Attorney General's office and keep South Dakota safe. ... See MoreSee Less

Early voting starts today! Be one of the first people to let your voice be heard in this years election. Lets work together to bring experience to the Attorney Generals office and keep South Dakota safe.


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I voted for you today! It was an honor

You will have my vote!

5 days ago

Randy Seiler

National special interest groups are trying to buy Attorneys General. They are looking for a candidate that will put their interests before South Dakotans.

As your Attorney General, I will be guided by the rule of law and the interests of South Dakota. I will not be unwittingly manipulated by special interests. We need your help to raise our voice and ensure voters hear our message. We need to make sure that South Dakotans, not special interests, select our next Attorney General. If you can’t donate, please help us by sharing this post with others.

Inside a lavish retreat where lobbyists donate for access to state attorneys general
The top law enforcement officials in each state are playing an increasingly bigger role – and businesses and trade groups are noticing
... See MoreSee Less


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The powers that be call this everything but what it really is CORRUPTION!

People say they are fed up but still continue to support the most corrupt..


Clean up South Dakota!! Support Randy Seiler!!

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"The overriding consideration in all of these cases for me as a prosecutor and attorney general candidate is keeping South Dakota children safe. That’s the end game. That’s the goal.”

The story of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and a question for the state attorney general | SDPB

Although most cases are decades old, pain is fresh for survivors of sexual abuse


Do you live in the Sioux Falls area and still need a Randy Seiler yard sign? If so, click the link below to get your free sign and support our race to November! #ExperienceMatters

Volunteer - Randy Seiler


As your Attorney General, I will hold accountable all those who violate the public trust through corruption and deceit. I have spent my career fighting on behalf of law abiding South Dakotans, and I will continue that work as SD Attorney General.

17 years ago, thousands of innocent lives were lost to senseless violence driven by fear and a rejection of American values. The American people have never let fear dissolve our common bond. We must never forget the lives lost on 9/11 and always remember we are stronger together.

South Dakotan’s deserve an AG who will stand at the podium and represent their interests. I’ve always believed the truer measure of a person’s character is what they say to you when you are in the room, rather than what they say about you when they aren’t. Let the debates begin!

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