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Randy Seiler

Randy Seiler

Tough on Crime

As your Attorney General, I will honor the values that make SD a great place to live and raise your family. First and foremost, the Office of Attorney General must ensure the safety of South Dakotans. Violent criminals will be vigorously prosecuted and held responsible for their crimes. As an Assistant United States Attorney, I learned that some of the most despicable crimes are not the easiest cases to prosecute. As your Attorney General, I will work tirelessly in pursuit of justice for victims. I vow to take on the tough cases and reinforce our State’s message to violent offenders – if you commit a crime in South Dakota, plan to do the time.

Protecting what is Most Valuable – Our Children

As an Assistant United States Attorney, I’ve prosecuted literally hundreds of violent crimes. The most heartbreaking of these cases have children as their victims. When family, even parents, have physically or sexually abused a child, the victim may face lifelong physical and psychological challenges that also have a broader confounding, societal impact. When these children become victims of homicide, there is typically a pattern of abuse that demands an understanding of how these crimes remain undetected within the close-knit communities characteristic of our great state. As your AG, I will work tirelessly to protect what we as South Dakotans hold most precious – the safety and well-being of our children. I will work to coordinate these efforts across city, county, tribal, and state governments to detect and protect children in danger.

Face the Drug Epidemic Head On

On my first day in court with the Hughes County State’s Attorney Office, we saw 39 defendants. Thirty-eight of these defendants were charged with drug-related offenses. Most had previous convictions for drug-related crimes. They are facing what appears to be a losing battle with drug addiction. It is heartbreaking to see these young men and women—some of whom are my children’s classmates whose lives were once filled with such promise—enter the court in shackles with the ravages of meth imprinted upon their faces. Their parents and families—including, sadly, children—share the devastation wreaked by their addiction. The loss of productivity impacts our small businesses. Drug offenses are consuming vital resources within our criminal justice system. As your Attorney General, I will work within and beyond state government to enhance the tools we have to fight illegal drugs. We must acknowledge that the drug epidemic is not just a personal problem. It is everyone’s problem, and we must all be involved in constructing better solutions.

Public Corruption is Not a Victimless Crime

Our elected and state officials must be good stewards of the trust bestowed upon them by the citizens of this state. We have learned through tragedy that without rigorous checks and balances, trust is inevitably betrayed. Failure to perform the duties of public office responsibly and ethically erodes confidence in our government. We must look within ourselves and across the executive and legislative branches of state government to do better and be better. In a state where we know our neighbors on a first-name basis, the approach must be a common-sense fit. Public office and state agency leadership is not an opportunity to profit but, rather, a call to serve citizens of South Dakota. As AG, I will bring clarity and precision to what we expect from our officials and ensure those standards are enforced.

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