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October 28, 2018

FORT PIERRE, SD – In a new campaign attack ad circulating this week, Jason Ravnsborg, a candidate for South Dakota Attorney General, attempts to distract voters with misleading information about his opponent Randy Seiler. Without any evidence, Ravnsborg calls Seiler a “liberal career politician” who wants to take away South Dakotans’ guns and weaken our drug laws. These assertions are not supported by the facts. Seiler, a former U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, responded to the attacks with the following statement:

“The ad circulated by my opponent this week is yet another example of his efforts to mislead South Dakota voters. When South Dakota voters are presented with the facts, the choice for our next Attorney General could not be clearer.

  • I am not a “liberal career politician.” Before pursuing a career as a prosecutor, I spent four years in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Vietnam and earning the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service. After my service in the Air Force, I became a practicing lawyer and eventually joined the U.S. Attorney’s office, where I was involved in the prosecution of hundreds of federal felony crimes, including murder, rape, child sexual abuse, robbery, public corruption, and more. I am running for AG to represent the same client I have spent my career serving: South Dakota.
  • The Second Amendment, like all other constitutional rights, must be protected. Law-abiding citizens in this state have the right to defend themselves and their families, and South Dakota has a rich hunting tradition that resonates with families across the state. I will always cherish the memories I have of growing up hunting pheasants and deer with my Dad. My opponent’s assertion that I will ban “common guns” has no basis in truth and demonstrates his lack of understanding of the role of the Attorney General. I’ve spent my career enforcing the law and prosecuting offenders that use firearms in crimes of violence. I am the only candidate in the race for Attorney General that has the skills and the experience to defend not only our Second Amendment Rights but also protect states’ Tenth Amendment right to self-governance.
  • Methamphetamine and opioid related crimes bring numerous challenges to the South Dakota criminal justice system. This crisis is tearing too many families apart. We must work with law enforcement, health care providers, and everyday South Dakotans to educate the public on the dangers of drugs, expand treatment for those who are addicted, and vigorously prosecute those who bring these dangerous substances to our communities. Building a multi-million dollar “meth prison,” as my opponent has suggested, is not the answer. Drug dealers deserve to be incarcerated and I have the experience to hold those criminals accountable.

My opponent’s misleading attacks are no surprise. He has continuously over exaggerated his prosecutorial experience over the course of this campaign.

Randy Seiler is campaigning on his experience as a prosecutor and has committed to addressing issues of violent crime, public corruption, and more as South Dakota’s next Attorney General. In the past two weeks, Seiler has been endorsed by two former South Dakota Attorneys General, 20 past Presidents of the South Dakota State Bar, the South Dakota Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and the Argus Leader Editorial Board.

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