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By Stephen Lee stephen.lee@capjournal.com Oct 8, 2015

Newly named U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler now must step down from another office.

Seiler has been on the Fort Pierre City Council less than a year. But he told the Capital Journal Thursday he will have to resign.

As the first assistant U.S. attorney, which he was last fall when elected to the City Council, and as acting U.S. attorney which he has been since March, moonlighting on his city’s council was OK.

But now, under the Obama administration’s rules for U.S. attorneys avoiding any conflicts of interest, he must leave the Council, Seiler said.

Mayor Gloria Hanson knew this was coming as Seiler had let her know his nomination was expected soon.

“I’m very proud of Randy as a Fort Pierre guy,” said Hanson Thursday from the same state meeting of municipal officials in Watertown where Seiler spoke. “This is a high honor and it’s something he’s worked hard for and is certainly deserving of the post. So I’m very happy about that. But I’m not happy he will have to leave the Council.He’s become an extremely valuable member who works well with others”

It never hurt to have a highly placed prosecutor on the Council.

“We have a nice mix of people with different perspectives and backgrounds and he just adds to that mix, so we will miss him a lot,” Hanson said.

By city ordinance, she will appoint someone to replace Seiler once he resigns. The five remaining Council members must then vote on her nomination by secret ballot, she said.

He was elected a year ago to a two-year term from Ward Three, which is the area north of U.S. Highway 14, Hanson said.

“So if there are people who are interested in serving out Randy’s term, or anyone interested in making a recommendation about who would be good on the Council, I encourage them t o contact me,” Hanson said.

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